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Carry Craft Notes in your store

Great product margins + tiny shelf-footprint = Big Profits.

Craft Notes Passports are unique products perfect for your store and will be 1 of your best-selling items. Also an awesome gift with a perfect price point.

But not just great profits! By carrying Craft Notes in your stores, you are also supporting local artists and local culture and making yourself look good in the process; not bad, eh?

New Customers: Please sign up for our retail application or view sell sheet. 


Perfect for your store!

Small Footprint

Over $250 in just 6x6 inch space.
Our Passports = Big Profits for u 💸

Great Upsell

Perfectly priced, simple add-on full of great drinks compliments any purchase.

Unique Product

Unlike nothing else. Our passports are great for anyone that loves fun.

Top-Selling Gift

The gift of experience! Passports are great for anyone shopping for gifts.

Support Local Culture

All Passports are curated to include authentic, exceptional local makers.

Boost your Brand

People love their local breweries, distilleries, cafes. Align with them.

Create Art. Build Community. Support Local. Be Good.

Our Company Mission


We aim to create the highest quality products that pay tribute to and tell the story of local culture.

Each passport volume is different. Curated to tell a local story. Designed and screen printed by local artists using heavy-duty, high quality paper and ink. 

Learn more about us:

Retailer Testimonial

Patina, MN Gift Shop

Want to feature Craft Notes in your store?

Christmas & Hanukkah


A top holiday seller! Father's Day, Valentines Day, and especially the winter holiday season.  Everyone has at least 1 drink-lover on their list.

Groomsmen & Bridesmaids


A great gift for large groups.  Show off local places and do something together. Passports and exploration are best done together anyway.

Birthdays & Anniversaries


Passports are great for celebrating workers or sibling birthdays. They are also PERFECT for "Date Night" or anyone looking for adventure.

Our Wholesale Team can also help


Connor Wilson

Hey! I'm your guy! I'd be happy to help you place your first order through the site, answer general product questions, or even help you get set up with credit so you can submit a PO and get better terms. 

📱 612-741-0632

📧 connor@craftnotes.net

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Jack Sussman

Hi I'm Jack. My core focus is all retail support. I'm especially good at helping new customers make their first order. Here is my direct contact info, otherwise you can set a time for us to meet/talk.

📱 952-807-8596

📧 jack@craftnotes.net

📆 Schedule Appt

Matt Dowgwillo

I support most order fulfillment, billing, and advertising/promotions partnerships. If you've got some ideas or are having issues with an order, best is to email with simple requests or set a phone call for something more.

📱 (612) 803-1022

📧 matt@craftnotes.net

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Options that work for your store

Wholesale Terms


We're flexible. 

We offer direct, online ordering or you can submit a PO, you can even qualify for better pricing for all approved retail accounts. 

We also pride ourselves on co-marketing with retailers or creating "boxes" with other local vendors products.

Orders < 50 Books



  • Quick, easy online order
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Low Commitment
  • Great way to test product
  • Fast, flat-fee shipping

Orders > 50 Books



  • Pay NET 60 (w/ approved credit)
  • Get better Wholesale bulk pricing
  • A direct rep to help with all orders
  • Free Display (1st order)
  • Free Shipping

We want Craft Notes be a sales leader in your store.

We help you succeed


🌟 Signage / Displays
Ordering & Estimates
Best Product Choice
🌟 Marketing Collaborations

We can help you choose the best-selling edition as well as work through options for signage, marketing-partnerships, or whatever you have an idea for.

Retailer Testimonial

Ombiblous Liquors, MN

If you already have an approved retail account, jump to orders.


If you're a professional retail/reseller, please fill out below. Once approved, we'll email you Terms, Product Catalog, and information to get you started.

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For Passport orders <$600 (~ 50qty or less)

Purchase Passports, Merch, or Retail Displays in set wholesale lots. You will be able to checkout and pay direct on this site.
A great option for first time orders.



For orders > 50qty and with Approved Credit.

We know you're going to do well with Craft Notes in your store.  If you plan on ordering large quantities, we offer preferred pricing and NET 60 Terms.

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Steps to Order

1) Retailer Application

2) Our team will provide access

3) ORDER. You can buy wholesale direct online or submit a PO 

4) Promote. We're happy to help